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New Set

by Matthew

Things are changing at Boston’s WFXT FOX 25, and for the first time since 2003 the stations iconic newsroom will no longer be the primary focus during newscasts.Go Pro Construction new TV set

The station started producing newscasts in front of a green screen in studio B during the 4pm newscast on Thursday.

In 2000, when owned by Fox Television Stations, the station spent three years expanding into an old car dealership located next door to the station. In a multimillion dollar renovation, the station tripled its size to 90,000 square feet, and moved their newscasts to the new working newsroom studio.

The newsroom has received some updates over the years, but has mostly stayed the same. When Cox Media Group took over the station in 2014 and changed the format of the newscasts, they started using less of the standup and interview locations that were previously used in the newsroom.

The new set will be build in the middle of the newsroom, with the newsroom itself getting new configuration and furnature. The main anchor position will be open to the newsroom, but the rest of the set will be closed in more in line with a traditional news set.

A “massive” television wall will also be built alongside the wall to the right of the weather center, facing the main anchor position.

Station staff were shown renderings of the new set in an all-hands meeting last week, but New England One has not seen the drawings.

Go Pro Construction - Maryland ContractorGo Pro Construction of Maryland is the contractor for this project and they’re doing an amazing job!  Way ahead of schedule!

The set is expected to take 6 weeks to build before it debuts.

Thanksgiving Follies

by Matthew

So my brother invited us to Gaithersburg Maryland for Thanksgiving. When we got there his house was an absolute disaster. It made for a pretty interesting Thanksgiving.

My brother and his wife are typically do it yourselfer’s.  They built their own deck, they finished their own basement, and he even put in some hardwood floors last spring. But this time was different. He got in way over his head. When the kitchen needed remodeling, he had to call in some professionals.

After searching YouTube for Kitchen Cabinets Gaithersburg, he found his video and called Go Pro Construction after being referred to them by a neighbor. They came in on Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving and knocked out the entire kitchen remodeling project! I hung out with the owner, Sam, for most of the day on Wednesday and I learned a ton! Gaithersburg home remodeling companies are definitely not all the same. This guy does it right!

The family was pretty happy… We had a great time seeing each other again. It had been way too long and we all promised not to wait as long next time.

Good Times

by Matthew

As I look back at my time in the TV news business, I realize that I was playing a young man’s game. But the fact is, I was a young man! So I guess my timing was pretty good.

I often tell people that I absolutely loved what I did because when I got out of school, I was full of piss and vinegar! I loved what I was doing and didn’t mind working crazy hours to do it.

I got to go see firsthand what everyone else had to wait until the 6 o’clock news to see. I met amazing people. I learned about government, law enforcement, politics, and yes even sports and weather. But it is the people I will never forget.

I have met every President – as a candidate – since George HW Bush. I’ve met professional athletes. And on the very day my divorce went through, I am met Miss America!

People ask me if I miss it. And I am always torn. I miss the people, I miss the excitement, I miss loving what I do. But the truth is, TV news became a grind. I don’t miss asking a murder victim’s spouse how they feel. I also don’t miss knocking on the doors of criminal’s families asking if they want to talk.

Everything that bothers people about TV news bothered me even more. I felt like part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Why are TV News Fails so Funny?

by Matthew 0 Comments

For the past 40 years, we have laughed our butts off at TV News Bloopers.  They’re just damn funny.

The reason?  Simple…TV folk take their jobs (or is it themselves) seriously and really do make a serious effort to tell their stories to the public in a serious, mature and responsible way.  And the best part of it is…this just makes it funnier!

As long as there is tv news…there will be bloopers.  And I’m ok with that.

My Life as a Former TV Guy

by Matthew 0 Comments

I worked in TV News from 1993 until 2002.  It was a lot of fun and for a kid just out of J-School.  I got to go see some of the most amazing things…interview the most amazing people…and go to some amazing places.  I met US Presidents.  I met murderers.  I met astronauts.  And I met grieving families.  I learned something new everyday.  Literally.

Buty it’s hard to watch tv news anymore.  Not that I lived in the “glory days” or anything.  But my opinion of what I used to do has changed over time.

virtual-tv-setJournalists are the backbone of our American Democracy.  I believe that with all my heart.  But local news has been ruined by news directors working at their 5th TV station in 10 years…and consultants – who are former News Directors. They go from station to station…preaching how they can “turn things around” by just tweeking the look of the graphics.  Changing the slogan.  Spending $225,000 on a virtual news set.  News Directors are not marketers and they have NO CLUE how to manage a brand.

But therein lies the problem.  Why is “the news” being branded???

So there you go…that’s why I can’t watch TV news anymore.  The news shouldn’t be branded.  It is not a product.  It is information.  When information is branded…it is immediately tainted.