Good Times

by Matthew

As I look back at my time in the TV news business, I realize that I was playing a young man’s game. But the fact is, I was a young man! So I guess my timing was pretty good.

I often tell people that I absolutely loved what I did because when I got out of school, I was full of piss and vinegar! I loved what I was doing and didn’t mind working crazy hours to do it.

I got to go see firsthand what everyone else had to wait until the 6 o’clock news to see. I met amazing people. I learned about government, law enforcement, politics, and yes even sports and weather. But it is the people I will never forget.

I have met every President – as a candidate – since George HW Bush. I’ve met professional athletes. And on the very day my divorce went through, I am met Miss America!

People ask me if I miss it. And I am always torn. I miss the people, I miss the excitement, I miss loving what I do. But the truth is, TV news became a grind. I don’t miss asking a murder victim’s spouse how they feel. I also don’t miss knocking on the doors of criminal’s families asking if they want to talk.

Everything that bothers people about TV news bothered me even more. I felt like part of the problem and not part of the solution.