My Life as a Former TV Guy

by Matthew 0 Comments

I worked in TV News from 1993 until 2002.  It was a lot of fun and for a kid just out of J-School.  I got to go see some of the most amazing things…interview the most amazing people…and go to some amazing places.  I met US Presidents.  I met murderers.  I met astronauts.  And I met grieving families.  I learned something new everyday.  Literally.

Buty it’s hard to watch tv news anymore.  Not that I lived in the “glory days” or anything.  But my opinion of what I used to do has changed over time.

virtual-tv-setJournalists are the backbone of our American Democracy.  I believe that with all my heart.  But local news has been ruined by news directors working at their 5th TV station in 10 years…and consultants – who are former News Directors. They go from station to station…preaching how they can “turn things around” by just tweeking the look of the graphics.  Changing the slogan.  Spending $225,000 on a virtual news set.  News Directors are not marketers and they have NO CLUE how to manage a brand.

But therein lies the problem.  Why is “the news” being branded???

So there you go…that’s why I can’t watch TV news anymore.  The news shouldn’t be branded.  It is not a product.  It is information.  When information is branded…it is immediately tainted.